Rovent is an annual winter camp which is open to all senior members of Scouts and Girl Guides Canada in British Columbia. Specifically, Venturers (14-18), Rovers (18-26), Rangers (15-17), Link (18+) and their fearless leaders may attend.

Established in 1974, Rovent has evolved over the years allowing more groups to attend and changing locations several times until it reached it’s current home of Cambie Creek in Manning Park. What was originally a Camp for Venturers has become BC’s largest annual winter camp.

What To Expect

A great time – if you’re prepared. The thing to remember is that you are camping in the mountains, in winter, so be prepared for all kinds of weather from sunny and hot to cold and wet. Also bear in mind that there are no amenities of any kind at the campsite. You must bring everything with you and take it all out again when you leave. That includes your gear, food and water: there is no water available at the site. You should also expect a lot of people looking to enjoy themselves as much as possible as well as a lot of activities to keep you busy. So you can spend your weekend socializing with your fellow campers or take part in every activity provided.

Please note this is an on site camp. No cars will be able to leave the site. This means you will not be able to leave to go skiing. Don’t worry though, our on site program will not disappoint.


The weather at Rovent can range all over the scale. Previous years have seen the temperature below -30º and over 10º. Some years it has snowed and others have seen rain. Sometimes it’s cloudy and other times it has been very very sunny so don’t forget your sunscreen and/or sunglasses. The snow conditions vary a lot as well. There can anywhere from 1 to 6 feet of snow which can be good packing snow or just a solid mass of ice.

The warming tent is heated on Friday night, to assist with those who get cold during setup, and again on Saturday night, during the dance.  It is purposely turned off shortly after the dance, to encourage participants to go to bed.

First Aid is available 24 hours a day during the camp for anyone needing assistance.

Rules and Regulations …. Also check out our Safety and Risk Management Page

  • All persons on site must be registered.
  • When you arrive at Rovent you will be checked in and each vehicle will be directed to a parking spot for the weekend.
  • There is no parking in the camping area and no camping in the parking area.
  • This is a Scouting event and most of our participants are under 19 which means no alcoholic beverages and no non prescription drugs. There is a zero tolerance for this, and anyone found abusing this rule will be asked to leave immediately.
  • You will also be asked to leave if you are found creating a situation that puts others at risk.
  • We practice no trace camping as much as possible, so you must carry out all your garbage, firewood and building materials. This is a wilderness area and we try to keep it that way. We have had complaints from the Parks Board in the past about this and we do want to stay on theor good side.
  • You must fill in your holes – if you dig in, cover it up.
  • No camping in the trees.
  • No sleeping in vehicles unless prearranged with Rovent
  • Things NOT to bring to RoVent:
    • Hay – wildlife will eat or use it after you have left.
    • Pets – Rovent is no place for them.
    • Fireworks, firecrackers, flares etc. – people and equipment can and have been injured or damaged.
  • Some more common sense guidlines are as follows:
    • The hill behind the parking lot is off limits. it is prone to avalanche so stay away.
    • The ridge next to the highway is also off limits. Throwing snowballs at trucks proves too tempting for some.
    • A couple notes on sledding or snowboarding. 1. Don’t go down the back of the hill on the far side of the field. if you negotiate the trees there is still the river at the bottom. 2. Don’t do it by flashlight once the sun goes down – it’s a long drive to the hospital in Hope.
    • Throwing snowballs is OK, just do it in the field and not among the campsites. Again, people and equipment can and have been injured or damaged.


Rovent is held at the Cambie Creek Nordic Area in Manning Park, about 10km west of the Manning Park Lodge and about 2km east of the Ministry of Transportation Work Yard. Signs will be posted.

Click here to see the location of Manning Park on Google MapsClick here to for a Manning Park Map from BC Parks



Parking on-site is extremely limited so vehicles will be directed to a parking spot for the entire weekend. You will not be able to leave until Sunday, and cars parked on the highway will be ticketed and towed. We do have access to an overflow parking lot down the highway. A shuttle is provided to move you to and from your vehicle if you are parked there. The shuttle only operates on Friday and Monday so you must unload ALL of your belongings on-site before parking in the overflow lot. Only vehicles required for emergency purposes will be guaranteed parking with access to the highway. Please consider the number of vehicles you bring and DO NOT bring campers or large motorhomes.