Our History


Some campers may wonder when they arrive at Rovent ‘What’s the deal with the stuffed cow and why does the Rovent committee both fiercly protect and fiercly abuse it?’ Well, quite simply he is the official mascot of Rovent. He has a long and storied history and we will attempt to describe it to you here.

The Beginning

He came into being one fateful night many years ago as the mascot of the 1st Kirkland Rover Crew. He was a castoff from one of this crews members and quickly became a source of both affection and abuse. His 1st evening of service found him being run over by a car and being used as a soccer ball. The little cow quickly needed repairs which was a theme that was to become quite common. Soon members of this Rover Crew took on roles within the Rovent Committee and when the Crew fell into the abyss Rovent adopted him as their own.

The Trials

As with all great heroes he had to endure many trials. His many functions were found to be invaluable time and time again. He could be used to play soccer, volleyball or hockey. He could act as a towel to clean up spills. He could also be used as an outlet for pent up rage and although not fireproof he could be used to put out fires. It did not take long before he began to lose body parts. First his tongue, then his tail and finally his ears and horns. He required major surgery on 2 separate occasions along with countless minor repairs.

The little guy was also well traveled, moving between the coast, the interior and Alberta. This was done both inside and outside of the vehicles he was travelling in. He experienced Skeeter as well as Rovent, went hiking on the North Shore and even tried water skiing at least once.

But with great fame comes great risk and one fateful Rovent he was kidnapped. The rustlers provided a ransom note but failed to provide any demands. Our mascot was lost to us for a period of 2 years when he was finally recovered.

The Demise

Upon his return he was in rough shape. He had been through so much the duct tape from some cult ritual was all that was holding him together. He was beyond repair. He lived his last remaining days out to pasture before he was accidentally part of a spring clean up.

The Rebirth

Many years later, just days before Rovent there was cause for great joy for it was truly the second coming. True to form his replacement quickly became an object of both love and hate. Within a matter of days he needed major repairs and was handed over to MAST. He was not seen again for some time. He did make an appearance the following year but the Rovent Committee was unable to procure him. the following year he was re-aquired by his rightful owners. Unfortunately though it was only a matter of hours before stuffing began to pour out of him requiring another major repair.

What will the future hold? Only time will tell but it will likely be a continuing cycle of pain and pleasure.