2022 – A Marvel-ous Rovent

Oh wow, there is a lot to write here about camp for 2022.

Updates 2-10-2022

  • Water – Taps in the program fields are turned off for winter. Water is available near the Erikson and Rotary buildings. If it is not obvious, reach out to a staff member on site for directions. Best plan would be to bring your first days worth of water with you so it’s not a Friday night problem.
  • Age for registration – Rovent is open to youth 14-26 from Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada. This means 4th year Scouts can attend camp. 4th year scouts are encouraged to attend with a Venturer company to promote section linking opportunities.
  • Active Membership – Anyone attending needs to be registered and active in their organization. You will need to supply proof of active status when arriving onsite. This means that all attendees will have declared themselves vaccinated against Covid -19.
  • Day Visitors – Any member wishing to visit for the day will need to checkin and check out and pay a modified fee of $10 / day. A day pass will let you onsite until about 1030pm , long enough to enjoy the whole day at camp. There are no In/out privileges, lets give ourselves the illusion of being 30 mins from services.
  • Left turn – You are reminded that it is illegal to make the left turn in to camp when approaching from the West on 16th Ave. Arrive from the East and make the safe right turn.
  • Fires are permitted in your site, provided you are using an above ground fire pit/ wood stove. Alternatively fires are allowed in the communal fire pits, and Propane fires are permitted.
  • The Butcher Shelter near Program Area 7 (second field) is to be a shared space for all groups to use. One group should not “claim” it for the weekend.
  • The Butcher and Rotary cabins are off limits for any use.

You may want to start by checking out the package it has most of the info you are thirsting for