Safety and Risk Management

Camp Location: Cambie Creek Group Site, E C Manning Provincial Park

Camp Headquarters and Registration: Located at end of driveway in Cambie Creek Group Site Parking lot


All participants must register before entering site.

INFO: Notice Board, Information and maps.

Communications: Camp & Security staff in communication by VHF radio. Emergency phone may be by Sat-phone, cell phone or through the Manning Park Lodge. Cell coverage is intermittent  (but getting better).

NB: Manning Park Resort 1-604-668-5922   or   Park Ranger 1-250-840-8708

HAVING ISSUES: Report all concerns to H.Q. or  First Aid 24/7.

Scouts Canada’s By-law, Policies and Procedures are being followed.

GGC Safe Guide, Policy, Organization and Rules are being followed.

Group Advisors are responsible for their participants. All groups are required to have an advisor.

NOTE:  GGC groups – paperwork should be submitted to an Assessor at least 14 DAYS prior to the camp.

Camp Boundaries are: The southern boundary is the ridge 30m off Highway. The hill to the North & NW behind HQ and parking lot is off limits. The top of the ridge (hill) on the East & NE side of the campfield is the Eastern Boundary.

Parking: Once on site, participants may not leave the site. Once parked, you will not be able to move your vehicle until camp closing. You can make special arrangements for parking if you need to make an early departure, contact camps staff on site before parking.


First Aid:


1st Aid – MAST – 2 paramedics:  with fully trained first aid staff on site, located in marquee tent (mobile field first aid station in the parking lot).

Incident reporting and recording. All incidents are to be reported to First Aid staff. If you are not sure, it is better to ask!

Hospital Fraser Canyon Hospital  1275 – 7th Avenue, Hope,

Phone (604) 869-5656  (approx. 1 hour drive west of site )

Physical Fitness Certificate/Personal Health Form : advisor must have a copy for each participant on hand. Each participant must also carry a copy on their body – ziplock bag works well.

WATER: all groups must bring their own water supply. NO WATER on site!

NOTE:  Groups need to have at least one adult supervisor with a current Emergency First Aid Certificate (at a minimum) or is a health care professional.


In Case of a Campwide Emergency

In the event of a camp wide emergency there will be 3 long horn blasts, all participants are to meet at the parking lot / HQ area. In the event of an evacuation meet at Parking Area – advisors will be required to sign in and account for all their participants.