2021 – Where’s Rovent

So, in case you haven’t noticed, having large events with lots of people in close quarters is somewhat out of the question currently. What you may ask does this mean for Rovent. (you didn’t? oh, well keep reading anyways)

It means a few things:

a) There is going to be no camp at Cambie Creek in 2021. We are all being asked to limit non essential travel outside our homes. Scouting and Guiding have not allowed overnight events since the spring of 2020. yada yada.

b) Provided overnight events are back on the table. We will be back at Cambie Creek in 2022. Working theme is ‘2020 two The Grand Redo’ (thanks Kevin) We’ve done this enough times that provided we get a few weeks notice we can likely throw something together and keep you alive entertained for the weekend.

c) We are planning some online events between now(ish) and the end of February to remind you about what you are missing. More details to come over the next week or three (maybe?) Fire up your air conditioners to max to get the full experience. 2021 Event Details can be found here

d) We miss camp as much as you, probably more, alot more. Like alot alot more. Really we are worried you will get too complacent in your warm room and not want to come back and camp outside in the snow and -15 degrees . WE MISS YOU, PLEASE DONT FORGET US!

Check back here or on our social media channels for updates.




Please don’t leave us.