Some things have been updated on the website for Rovent 2015 on February 6-9 of 2015.

Complete Registration package is now availiabe on the Registration page.

Scavenger hunt list on the Activities page.

We have also included some pre completed Safe-Guide forms for Girl Guide groups.  these have been vetted by Rovent experienced Guiders for accuracy.   These can be found on the Registration page.



A Game of Rovent

Rovent this year will be transported to the medieval fantasy world of Westeros.  Taking cues from Game of Thrones we will descend into a world of power battles and competition….minus the gratuitous violence and sex.  Unlike the series, we fully intend to not have anyone killed off to advance a plotline.

Join us this winter for some fun north of the wall, but please leave your direwolves at home. Dragons are welcome so long as they help keep everyone warm.