Bus Information

RE; The Shuttle Bus
From Colin Morrow, Bus Coordinator.

The $10.00 is a not really a deposit it is the full cost. We need you the pay the $10.00 a head ASAP to save your seat on the bus. Once it fills up it is all over. Please email etransfer the money to bus@rovent.ca to make it simple. This is to keep it easily separated from the camp registration and bus registration so we know clearly who has paid and not. I will need full names and contact info for each person.

To be clear, If you have paid for the seat and that person doesn’t show you will not get the money back because someone else was bumped for it.

Stop #1
The bus will be at the Ferry on Friday February 10th at 10:00am and will be leaving at 10:45 am.(if ferries are running late we will wait. Don’t worry about that.) We suggest that if you are coming form Duke Point you be on the 7:45 ferry and if you are coming for Swartz Bay that you be on the 9:00 ferry.

Stop #2
The bus will be at BCIT parking lot O at around 12:00pm and will be leaving at 12:30pm.

Stop #3
The bus will be making a final stop at Langley Cineplex off 200st and hwy 1 at around 1:30pm and will be leaving at 2:00pm. This will be the last stop before Rovent so I insist on washroom breaks and food if needed. The bus will have a washroom but only one.

Remember that the people riding the bus can only bring one personal backpack for under the bus and one personal bag (purse/small backpack) for carry on. (it may have to go on your lap or at your feet).  You may need to arrange alternate transport for your group gear.

If you want more info please call me, Colin Morrow 604-788-5652, between the hours of 6:30 – 9:00pm any day of the week and anytime during the weekends.