Rovent 2016

Oh hey, It’s been a while. I finally found some time to make some more updates on this day of remembrance.  In case you haven’t been following us on facebook (yay!) or liking on twitter. (which nobody has…)  the theme on this our 42nd year (You’re not going to like it…)  is homage to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  We’ll let you read the books or watch the movie to get the reference.

Bring your towels and bathrobes for another fun weekend in the snow next February.   Fire up your improbability drives, and pick up your lunch from the Restaurant at the end of the universe.  Marvin is looking forward to greeting you.


Some things have been updated on the website for Rovent 2015 on February 6-9 of 2015.

Complete Registration package is now availiabe on the Registration page.

Scavenger hunt list on the Activities page.

We have also included some pre completed Safe-Guide forms for Girl Guide groups.  these have been vetted by Rovent experienced Guiders for accuracy.   These can be found on the Registration page.



A Game of Rovent

Rovent this year will be transported to the medieval fantasy world of Westeros.  Taking cues from Game of Thrones we will descend into a world of power battles and competition….minus the gratuitous violence and sex.  Unlike the series, we fully intend to not have anyone killed off to advance a plotline.

Join us this winter for some fun north of the wall, but please leave your direwolves at home. Dragons are welcome so long as they help keep everyone warm.